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Welcome! Our desire is to capture the essence, the beauty, the spectacle and the sheer madness of the world’s greatest sport. Add in a perfectionist attitude to look & sound and 10+ years of practice and experience on stages, editing & color grading, this path us to work with various brands and companies. We’re ZEROUNDERSTEER, and we’re here to create stunning imagery that lasts.

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From Capturing the action on location to shooting in a studio environment we offer a wide range of opportunities that guarantee to satisfy any customer or business and provide the maximum value.

How does this happen Processing

Each moving image goes through a deep color correction and grading process to maximize visual quality. 

What our Viewers SAY


Founder & head of videography Sebastian Klos Founder & head of videography
Born right after the golden age of Rallying he grew up with a massive passion for anything automotive. Responsible for the video department he's the main filmer, DP & editor. Annoying perfectionist. Loves to get the most out of any camera, even if it's a Lego one. Keen simracer. Has developed an addiction for doing hotlaps on the Nürburgring. Loves languages.
Head of Photography, location scout, perfectionist Lukas Ammann Head of Photography, location scout, perfectionist
We call him our own "McKlein" for his extraordinary vision, willpower to capture the best and most unique shots and of course perfectionist photographic skills. Has a record of the best spots on any World Rally event on the calendar, just in case.
Videography, photography, programming. Fabian Gaukler Videography, photography, programming.
Proper allrounder. IT specialist, photographer, videographer. He can be your one man band. Loves cats and globetrotting.
Video and Team Macguyver Hans Klos Video and Team Macguyver
Wise old soul. Finds a solution for any kind of issue. Integral part of our video crew.
Videography, Event organiser, OBC specialist Jan Stoll Videography, Event organiser, OBC specialist
Videography, Rally & Event organiser, onboard camera specialist. Adobe-suite expert. Has developed massive skills and passion for car wrapping and re-creating iconic rally liveries from scratch for historic replicas.


Driver Marc Stoll Driver
Trained in the world of Sim Rallying our former filmer and location scout took the wheel of his self-built BMW E36 Compact and is going flatout ever since. In addition to that he organises Rallyes and contributes massively to eWRC.com
Co-Driver Nils Pfennig Co-Driver
What started with photography led to him switch to the drivers seat of his own Rally Car. Proper Opel enthusiast. Chasing class wins in regional championships.
Co Driver Björn Reidenbach Co Driver
Also started as a photographer but started his co-driving career in 2015. Also was brave enough to go sit along our Team Driver Marc Stoll and guide him through the stages. Must be able to talk quickly.

Regular contributors

Action shots Torsten Euler Action shots
Also known as #Suizidtorsten. Never backs out of a great shot. Currently making his name on the Nordschleife Tourist Cup.
This is Info Card Peter Philippi This is Info Card
Formerly known as Megapeter he ran a successful Rallying and Nordschleife channel. Due to business-duties he lost most of his time, but kept all of his petrolhead-passion and is filming part time for the Nürburgring 24h and also does not shy away of helping us out when we're on an event together.

Currently inactive members

Photographer Tristan Müller Photographer
Engineer, owns a Volkswagen Golf 2 Rally car and has big passion for Rallycross.
Photographer Marco Stoller Photographer
Saves lives for a living, super chilled guy. Keeps returning to his photography passion from time to time.
Photographer Thorsten Korbella Photographer
Has a big passion for photography, anything motorsport & World War two.

Former members hall of fame

Photographer & art expert Benjamin Grünberg Photographer & art expert
Human car wikipedia and enthusiast for anything JDM and crazy hillclimb builds. Used his art-trained eye for photography back in the day and was the first photographer to ever shoot for zeroundersteer when he created zeroundersteer with his Cousin Seb.
Photographer Max Müller Photographer
Has specialized in amazing CGI-looking motorsport pictures. Anything he shot just looked perfect. Seems to be a proper tennis player too.
Photographer Benjamin Johannes Photographer
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